Odessa National Medical University provides european standard hostel facilities for local and international students. Our students enjoy highly attractive study atmosphere during their hostel life. All the hostel rooms are provided with well ventilation , room heater, internet access, nice shower room, standard toilet and kitchen.
Hostel-Jedro-Gradac-room3  There is common room in all the floors for the students  to study.  Students  dormitory  maintained by  skilled  personals to keep it  clean and  healthy.  Monthly  health  checkup from the  doctors and  nurse ensure  students good  health.

Usually 2-3 students stay in  one room but any one can  take full room if there is  available rooms left. Cost of  rooms for 1 academic year  range from 500-1000 dollars  Depending upon facilities. It  is better for international students to stay in the hostel as it is much more comfortable and safe than apartment specially for new comers. Although students can take apartment if they want.
There are ample of ways of transportation systems on the way to the main academic building. Transportation in Ukraine is cheap as students enjoy 50% discount in bus , metro and train.


International Admission Office
Address: Valikhovskiy Lane, 2., Odessa, Ukraine.
Ph: +380 676976965

Our representetive

Our representetive

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